My first Blog!


This is an exciting time for me..on many levels! I am getting the "bug" to get back into photography again after a short break. My creative juices are flowing and my passion for this art is back with a vengeance. I am hoping to post a wide sampling of my work on this site, some things that I have shot for past clients, and some that I have shot simply for my enjoyment.

Airshow photography is a huge interest of mine, and I am looking forward to expanding that part of my portfolio. I am also hoping to start teaching soon, on some level... who knows where this will take me. I will hopefully be posting a " tip of the week" type story to this blog soon, lighting diagrams of studio shots, perhaps even a question and answer forum.

Thanks again for taking a brief moment to allow me to share my work with you. I hope you enjoy it and will come back soon, and often!


#photo #airshow #teaching #tipoftheweek

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